Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I apologize to those of you who have been checking in for not posting in a while. I've been devoting all my writing energies to a new project, a book I'm writing about Bible sites in Israel. I'm very excited about it and am hoping to complete it by early 2010. Until then my blog will be in hibernation. Please check in every now and again for updates.


grannygwen49 said...

Hi Julie,
I do check, and hoped all was well. We toured with you ( Back to the Bible ) in 2007 and returned again this past March and enjoyed the experience with George as our guide. Such a fascinating and volatile part of the world! I have 5 friends who are there now - in Eilat for night after visiting Petra. So glad we visited when it wasn't so hot. I'd love to buy your book when it's done - might just have to come back to Israel to find it?? All the best.

Grandma Timm said...

I am still dreaming about the wonderful time I had in Israel. It was in November 2009 and you were our wonderful guide. It was a life changing experience! I would love to go back again sometime. I will be awaiting your book with great anticipation! I trust all is well with you and your family.